Stefano Bertoli

The violin maker

Stefano Bertoli focuses primarily on the construction of bowed instruments. The models he uses are both designed by him and taken from the great masters of the Italian violinmaking tradition.

His instruments are entirely handcrafted and handvarnished.

He also carries out restoration and repair of instruments, with particular attention to their set-up and sound optimization.

He is deeply dedicated to his profession. Following the tradition of true Italian craftsmanship, he is committed to continuous research in his field.

La liuteria di Stefano Bertoli

My artisan training

Stefano Bertoli became a Master Luthier graduating from the Violin Making School of Milan in 2014, specializing in the art of crafting and restoring violas, violins and cellos.

After graduation, he perfected his technique by working and studying under Maestro Carlo Chiesa, a world renowned professional violin maker. Their collaboration continues to this days.

La verniciatura di un violino
Scuola di Liuteria di Milano

Under his mentor’s guidance, he became very passionate about and dedicated to research of classical models for bowed instruments and on purely handcrafted construction styles.

In 2017 he attended a head wood sculpture course taught by Maestro Enrico Allorto.

In 2018, he took part in the Triennial Contest at Cremona. In the same year he started teaching restoration at the Violin Making Civic School of Milan.

The Lab opening

In 2015 he founded his own workshop in Milan.

Afterwards, he decided to open up the extra space to three other young violin makers, based on his belief that sharing experience and knowledge increases each others' abilities and professionalism.

Laboratorio - Liutaio in Milano